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Chinese Five Spice Banana Cream

July 08, 2016

Chinese Five Spice Banana Cream

Everything can go vegan from the appetizer to the dessert and this Chinese Five Spice Banana Cream will surely be the darling of the party! It's quick, easy, healthy and absolutely mouth-watering!





  1. Place banana slices on a plate and freeze for 2-3 hours. Place bananas in a food processor along with the spice powder. Blend. In the beginning, the bananas will look like finely diced banana flakes but eventually they will come together and look like ice cream. If your bananas do not come together, it just means they are too frozen.
  2. Let them sit in the food processor for five minutes and then try again. If you want to add almond butter you can at this point and it will give it a mousse like consistency. Continue to blend until it looks like ice cream and enjoy!


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Source: Nutrition As Nature Intended


Photo Credit to: Nutrition As Nature Intended


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