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Harissa Lemon Shrimp with Fig & Dill Mustard Sauce

Unexpected guest coming over? This Harissa Lemon Shrimp with Fig & Dill Mustard Sauce will definitely put you at ease. With this quick and super easy shrimp recipe, you'll have guest complementing you being the perfect host!


  • Frozen Shrimp
Dipping Sauce
  • Dill Mustard
  • Fig & Almond Spread
Harissa Lemon Sauce


  1. Mix couple of teaspoons of Dill Mustard and Fig & Almond Spread to make the Dipping Sauce
  2. Mix the harissa spice, lemon juice and olive oil to make the harissa lemon juice
  3. You can cook the shrimp however you like it
  4. Put the Dipping Sauce in a plate, add the shrimp, and then the harissa lemon juice


See video instruction below


Video Credit to Elm City Market


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Source: Elm City Market

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