Collection: Bundle: Za'atar, Sumac, Chinese Five

This bundle is a versatile seasoning blends that can enhance your dishes in so many ways — from a dry rub for chicken, beef and lamb to a dressing on grilled veggies. The tangy, herbal, or nutty blend will add amazing flavors and some color to your cooking too!


Za'atar - The taste of a za'atar blend can be tangy, herbal, nutty, or toasty. Use this as a rub for chicken, beef, lamb or fish, sprinkle it over hummus, Labneh or baba ganoush! Or mix with olive oil for a flavorful marinade. 

Ingredients: Roasted Sesame Seeds, Thyme, Sumac, Oregano, Marjoram


Sumac - Sumac is a versatile spice, meaning it's great to use on many different foods and dishes. Use as a dry rub, garnish, marinade, or a dressing. Adds amazing flavor and a pop of color to chicken, grilled lamb, steak, spice blends, popcorn, vegetables, fish, salads, hummus, dips.

Ingredients: Sumac berry, ground


Chinese FiveSprinkle on beef, duck chicken, and pork before roasting or add to marinades during prep for added flavor. Add to stir-fry during cooking to elevate your finished product into a masterpiece that trumps take-out. Make it your "secret ingredient" in cupcakes or cakes and become a bake sale star.

Ingredients: Star Anise, Fennel, Cinnamon, Cloves, Szechuan (Sichuan) Peppercorns