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Middle Eastern Spices

Middle Eastern cuisine is one of the world's most distinguished. Add any of these blends to your everyday cooking and enjoy sensational flavors.

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          Baharat Spice

          $12.95 USD

          Tabil Spice Seasoning

          $8.95 USD

          Tunisian Five Spice

          $12.95 USD

          Dukkah Spice

          $14.95 USD

          Barberry (Zareshk)

          $14.95 USD

          Persian Lime / Limu Omani

          $8.95 USD

          La Kama

          $9.95 USD

          Zaatar Spice

          $7.25 USD

          Sumac Spice

          $6.75 USD

          Harissa Spice

          $9.95 USD
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