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Our Story

Adding spices
to life

USimplySeason was born in celebration of flavors from all corners of the world. Inspired by our founder Sylvia’s memories of a Kenyan childhood spent watching her mother cook with local herbs and spices, we add a dash of passion, a cup of love there, to bring back vivid memories of the sights, sounds, smells, and intense flavors of the family kitchen.

Our artisanal blends pay homage to herbs and spices as the heart and soul of every dish, whether simmered in the pot to create a rich depth of flavor, or sprinkled over the plate to pack a punch and add a burst of color.

Their transformative nature turns a handful of fresh ingredients into a true culinary masterpiece - the creative tools that inspire passion for cooking and eating, across generations.

Gathering together the best spices and spice blends from across the globe, USimplySeason helps home cooks and culinary professionals alike create magic in their kitchen, and fire in their souls. From powerful exotic spices like Xawaash and Harissa to milder, much-loved family favorites, our personalized options allow our customers to adjust a product to their tastes, and needs.