Our Founder

The inextricable link between emotion and flavor is no secret to the mind behind USimplySeason; in fact, it's celebrated in every twist of a grinder, every sprinkle of a mixture and each dash of memorable delight she creates. From the young age of 8, Sylvia Kapsandoy began exploring the rich connection between passion and food in her home country of Kenya, experimenting and blending flavors alongside her mother's own culinary creations. When her life's travels took her from Africa to the United States as a young woman, she continued to develop her signature style of intrinsic cooking. Though she loved to cater parties and treat her college friends to increasingly flavorful dishes, the time had come to forge a bold, new direction out of her own kitchen and into the kitchens of others around the world. The result - an inspiring array of herbs, spices, extracts and more - is a delicious medley of affordable flavors known collectively as USimplySeason.

Today, Sylvia continues to delight friends and family by using the same premium, exotic blends offered on her website in her own dishes, ranging from simple fare to incredible multi-course feasts. She believes that life, much like cooking, is better with a little spice in it, and continues to grow and innovate her company's selection of products for casual and professional chefs alike to achieve that goal.

After all, what do you do when your food needs a little extra love to make it sensational? U Simply Season it!