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Za’atar spice

I love the ingredients of this spice . My recipe Za’atar Chicken came out delicious and my husband loved it too.
Check it out on “ Taste of Home “ .
I recommend this spice and you can try it on other meats to add flavor .

Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We're delighted that you and your husband enjoyed the Za'atar Chicken. For others interested, check out the recipe on Taste of Home: We're thrilled by your recommendation and encourage you to keep exploring new flavors with our spices.

Happy cooking!

Great Product

Great Product and Excellent customer service!
Will definitely purchase from this company again.

Great Chicken Wings

Went with sour cream, Mayo, plain yogurt, lime juice, xawaash spice. Cooked in an air fryer. Turned out terrific. Not many chicken wing recipes out there with xawaash.

Great FRESH taste!

This tastes so much fresher than the Sumac I've bought in the stores. Glad I discovered your brand!

Mint Leaves

They are awesome to make my tea with & honey. Cold brew for 24-48 hours, is the best.

Best Spices I have ever tasted!

These spices are so good! I use them to liven up my meals!
If you do not try you are missing out!

Tangy Ground Sumac
Sandra Morley
Haven’t Used it Yet! Will Email when I do!

See Review Title!

Tangy Ground Sumac
Karina Reinoso

Tangy Ground Sumac

Zaatar is a wonderful spice blend

I received my order is just a few days and am enjoying my Zaatar completely.

teaching new tricks to old dogs

I have been a at home cook for over 40 yrs and I just learned about this wonderful ingredient. I use it to marinade meats add as a part of my dry rub and add it to soups and stews. It adds a taste that you cant finger but you know it adds complexity to any deal.

Delicious, Delicious and Delicious!

I stumbled across this product on Amazon and gave it a whirl. Wow, just wow, the seasoning is great on all types of meats and vegetables. We eat a lot of Tex-Mex and this spice mix compliments and enhances the flavor of beef, chicken and vegetable dishes. My favorite way to you use this is to season bulk breakfast sausage that I fry up ever weekend morning for huevos con papas and breakfast tacos.

Best thing is the seasoning has no salt or sugar. This is great for a diabetic like me who also cut salt from his diet 35 years ago.

Panza llena! Corizon contento!

Beautiful Pepper Blend and Easy to Use

I bought this on Amazon a couple of years back, and it is such a fabulous chili pepper blend - much better than the grocery store seed shake bottles. I'd call it medium hot - just use a light touch if you don't like a lot of heat and go to town if you are a heat freak.

I use this as a food sprinkle, a rub, and sprinkle in soups/stews and chili. It adds a beautiful balance with a wonderful spicy note combination that I've not found anywhere else.

Aleppo Marash is such a stand out that I used keywords and tracked it down as it was not in stock at Amazon now.

I am a food/cooking writer and check out a ton of spice products. There are maybe ten spice mixes over about fifteen years that I track down as favorites, and this is one of those. No. I did not get a free sample at the start and have no connection to the company and don't "know someone." I just happened to purchase a really stand out seasoning mix that I love and that gets the thumbs up from my family too.

Cyndi, thank you so much for taking the time to provide us your feedback. My team and I really appreciate it. Customers such as yourself is the reason we do what we do and improve. You are our greatest inspiration.

Five Stars

Love this new spice mix


Delicious - the possibilities are endless.. potatoes, chicken, veggies5/17/2016

All we could want!

This came right after I ordered it and is fresh and flavorful.

Great on steak and eggs and everything else


I enjoy trying different ethnic recipes and decided I needed to ...

I enjoy trying different ethnic recipes and decided I needed to buy this product. I've used it and absolutely love it! It can be used in so many ways I can't believe I never heard of it! Thank you!!


Absolutely incredible! It's ridiculously difficult to find ground sumac that doesn't contain salt. This is salt free and has that wonderful lemon-y taste, just like when great-grandma used to grind it fresh. The only seller I will ever purchase sumac from!

The quality is great.

I've used this spice for years. The quality is great.

Quality Spice

Quality spice in a sturdy bottle. I really think the sturdy bottle is important since I have had a previous pantry moth infestation from speciality items in my cupboard. The moths are gone, but the memories are still fresh. When I order new items, especially spices, I like to know they won't cause any harm to my home. With this bottle, I didn't have worry about putting this new spice into bulky tupperware. Plus, now I can make delicious sumac dressings for my salads.

Just what I needed!

Tastes great, exactly what I wanted! Thanks!!