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Berbere Spice

  • Sometimes creating amazing foods from other countries in the comfort of your own kitchen only takes a quick trip to your spice cabinet. Delight in a taste-tempting melange of peppery, earthy goodness with USimplySeason's Ethiopian Berbere Spice.

    • Our Berbere Seasoning is hand-blended in the US to ensure excellent quality.
    • This blend also contains dashes of red pepper, clove and ginger for delicious heat!
    • Add multiple layers of flavor with every shake of your berbere bottle.
    • Perfect for adding even more flavor to BBQ, soups, stews, roasts and more.


Berbere Recipe

This mouth-watering combination of spices and seasonings has been around since the beginning of history, so it's definitely time to try it out and discover why it's such a favorite with chefs. Just a sprinkle of USimplySeason's carefully-balanced mix delivers a payload of flavor that adds brightness and complex flavors to all of your favorite foods. Whether you use it as an accent or as a main ingredient, you'll love what our Ethiopian seasoning is capable of transforming! Fold it into bread dough, use it in dry rubs, try it on soup as a garnish - you'll love every delectable bite.

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