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Five Peppercorn Blend

When practicing the art of cooking, even condiments can be elevated into something more wonderful than the sum of their parts. If you've been reaching for that cafeteria-style shaker of dusty black pepper flakes in the kitchen for too long, it's time to treat yourself to the "five star" pepper experience with our incredible mix of premium peppercorn goodness.

This spice blend comes in two sizes; a FILLED glass adjustable grinder OR a 16 Oz bag that seals tightly to preserve flavor to ensure you have plenty of pepper power on hand in the kitchen.

What's In The Five Peppercorns Spice Blend? Unsurprisingly, five different peppercorns take your taste buds for a whirl in this yummy mix. Familiar favorite black peppercorns and snappy white peppercorns mingle with the nutty flavors of green peppercorns and pink peppercorns. The blend finishes with a sprinkle of spicy sichuan peppercorns, best known from their role in traditional Chinese 5-spice blends.

Following a Paleo Diet or Mediterranean diet? This blend is a great fit for both! Keep your tastebuds energized as you indulge in healthy, diet-friendly favorites.

As with all USimplySeason products, quality is our utmost concern. That's why our Five Peppercorn Blend is completely vegan, MSG free, GMO free and natural for worry-free tasting enjoyment!

What Can I Use The Five Peppercorns Spice Blend For?

Essentially, anything you can imagine putting "regular" pepper in - and then some! Richer and more complex in flavor than traditional one-note black pepper, this blend won't fade into the background or shrink away from strong flavors.

  • Aromatic Asian Dishes
  • Gourmet Popcorn
  • Bread Dipping Oil
  • Sensational Omelet
  • Daring Spicy-Sweet Desserts
  • Seasoning For Low Sodium Diets and/or Paleo Diets
***Black Pepper Substitute

***Salt and Pepper Substitute


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