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Mignonette Pepper

Mignonette is a spice blend with a rich (and flavorful) history that deserves a place of honor in the kitchen. Used primarily to describe a pepper-centric spice blend today, the vinegar-based sauce that incorporates it varies by region. A half-and-half combination of white and black peppercorns would fit well on a Northern European table, for example, while French-Canadians might add a touch of coriander to their take and dub it "Shot Pepper." Here at USimplySeason, we've taken that colorful concept a step further to unlock amazing flavors each time you cook, all presented in a handy filled glass adjustable grinder or a generous or 16 Oz resealable bag to spare.

What's In The Mignonette Pepper Blend?

In the tradition of "Shot Pepper," our mignonette pepper blend contains aromatic black peppercorn, snappy white peppercorn, earthy coriander seeds and a kiss of herby allspice berries for a sweet, balanced finish. If you love the crisp, sensory delight of pepper, be sure to check out our other delicious peppercorns and peppercorn blends!

What Can I Use Mignonette Pepper Blend For?

This aromatic spice mix is ideal for mixing with the vinegar of your choice to produce the classic mignonette sauce, a delightful and tongue-pleasing condiment traditionally served with raw oysters. If you'd like to try shaking this beautiful blend on other incredible edibles, here are some ideas.

  • A Unique Dry Rub
  • Potent Pot Roast
  • Flavorful Deviled Eggs
  • Peppery Potato Casseroles
  • Gold Medal Beef Stews



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