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Mini Ebony & Ivory Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Whether you set these salt pepper grinder set on the table for meals or keep them close to the stove as your cooking sidekicks, this mini black and white spice salt n pepper grinders are sure to please.

  • The glass jar bottoms proudly show off your favorite premium salt, pepper, spices or herbs.
  • Preserve the flavorful oils and nuances of your salt and pepper by grinding them to taste as they're needed at the table.
  • A high-quality ceramic grinding mechanism in the top of each grinder adjusts from coarse to fine with just a twist.
  • Grinders sit mechanism-up to prevent powdered seasoning from spilling during storage.
  • Included caps for each lid help preserve the freshness of your salt and pepper between uses .

This beautiful duo makes an excellent gift as a perfect finishing touch to your loved one's dining table. If you've been using the same old, boring salt and pepper shakers to dispense bland powdered pepper and regular salt, it's time to experience the difference that a premium spice grinder can make! Purchase an empty set to fill with your favorite spice blends or opt for our pre-filled set mini set (sold separately) to unlock incredible flavors right away. Salt and pepper are naturally appropriate, but why stop there? Try adding your own exotic blends and lush dried herb mixes and discover the flavor that lies in a simple twist of the wrist!

Cleaning takes only a few moments - the glass bottom of each grinder unscrews for quick cleanup and the non-corrosive ceramic mechanism can be washed with mild soap and water and allowed to dry before reconnecting. No lost rubber plugs, no clogged shaker holes - just freshly-ground seasoning at your fingertips!

In the unlikely event you experience any problems or concerns with your grinder set, we are happy to offer a NO HASSLE, 100% GUARANTEE on each of our products for peace of mind.

Note: "FULL" set is filled with Coarse Sea Salt and Whole Black Peppercorn

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