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Piri Piri Spice

  • While chili peppers are delicious, why not add more depth and substance to your favorite dishes with USimplySeason's Piri Piri powder instead? You're sure to receive a lot of compliments and questions about your new "secret ingredient" that shakes up the senses and pleases the palate. Found in cuisines ranging from Africa to India, Piri Piri is fun to say and to eat.

    • Our Piri Piri seasoning is blended by hand, with love, in the United States.
    • Mix a generous spoonful with olive oil to make Piri Piri sauce.
    • Excellent with poultry; use as a dry rub or before slow cooking to lock in the piri piri flavor.
    • Try it for mouth-watering chili makeovers and even sensational  hamburgers!

PiriPiri Recipes

When you want a little hot spice along with unique, exotic flavors, Piri Piri Spice Blend (Literally translated as "Pepper Pepper" in Swahili, and also called Pili Pili) seasoning is the tasty answer to your culinary cravings. Our spicy blend of piri piri peppers, chilies and a kiss of citrus brings out the best in meats, marinades, dips and even soups.

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