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Sesame Spice

Sesame Spice Blend

Sesame seeds get a serious upgrade in USimplySeason's Sesame Spice Blend. Our seasoning uses premium sesame seeds, garlic and onion and adds flavorful herbs like basil, parsley, oregano, thyme and dill before finishing with bright notes of spicy red pepper, lemon and celery seed. While sesame is delicious all by itself, this salt free, MSG free and GMO free takes it to the next level to make your stir fry, vegetables and pasta into dishes worth seconds and thirds. This healthy combination of spices is ideal for paleo and vegan dietary restrictions, allowing you to add tons of flavor with none of the guilt!

A great all-around spice to keep in the kitchen, or even on the table with every meal. If you're tired of boring old salt and pepper, give this versatile combination a try - you'll love the way it transforms your favorite dishes!

Where Should I Use Sesame Spice Blend?

    • Add directly to salads or mix in with your favorite dressings to supercharge flavor complexity.
    • Use in dry rubs for proteins like chicken, beef pork and fish.
    • Mix into dips like hummus or ranch for a high-quality flourish.
    • Add to olive oil for a savory bread dip that will please the whole crowd.

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