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Barberry (Zareshk) freeshipping - USimplySeason
Barberry (Zareshk) freeshipping - USimplySeason
Barberry (Zareshk) freeshipping - USimplySeason
Barberry (Zareshk) freeshipping - USimplySeason
Barberry (Zareshk) freeshipping - USimplySeason
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Barberry (Zareshk)

  • Barcode: 860387000334
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Our Barberries, also known as 'zareshk', will add a mouthful of sweet and sour to any of your favorite recipes. Whether you’re cooking a Persian rice dish, planning a traditional Iranian wedding, or experimenting with Middle Eastern cuisine, you’re sure to find a use for these little rubies.
  • Barberries’ sharp taste is compatible with a multitude of foods, from granola and trail mix to saffron chicken and pilaf. These berries are also a natural source of pectin, making them the perfect base for a tasty jelly. Their jewel-like appearance and bright red color even make them an attractive and edible garnish.
  • These tiny berries pack a powerful punch of tart and tangy flavor, adding complexity to both sweet and savory dishes. The subtle sourness creates a versatile flavor profile in marinades and salad dressings.
  • When paired with caraway, cardamom, dill, fennel, or tarragon, barberries can complement the rich flavor of chicken, pork, and lamb chops.
  • Product of Afghanistan. Packaged in the United States
    Barberry berries, dried
    How To Use

    Food Complements

    • Breakfast Cereal: Add berries to your morning bowl of granola cereal
    • Salad: Sprinkle dried berries over salads - Waldorf salad
    • Pilaf: Soak the dried berries and then fry them in butter before adding rice to make a pilaf.
    • Meats: Crush barberries with salt and use as a rub for lamb, beef, or game - In a blender, puree barberries with apple cider, salt, and hot sauce to make a thick marinade for pork chops
    • Yogurt dressing: Mix whole berries with greek yogurt, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper for a quick, tangy dressing

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