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Tunisian Five

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The Tunisian Five Spice Blend is a Middle Eastern spice rich in colors, aroma and, perhaps most importantly, taste. You don't need to scour hidden markets to find this Middle Eastern spice blend. USimplySeason brings those precious spices and seasoning offerings right to your doorstep.

This exquisite 5-spice powder blend brings to life the classic Tunisian spice profile of "Qalat Daqqa" and puts it at your fingertips in the kitchen. Whether you use it to add a unique pop of flavorful oils and seasonings to foods like hummus or use it to create new, healthy taste sensations for a paleo diet, you won't be able to get enough of this addictive combination of high-quality spices and seasonings.

Unlock the flavors of the Middle East in every bite with USimplySeason's Tunisian Spice Blend!

A sensuous taste combination crave-worthy spices and seasoning. Bright peppercorns, warm cinnamon and unique grains of paradise mingle with the dark, earthy flavors of cloves and nutmeg.

  • This versatile 5-spice powder adds a kiss of classic middle eastern spice to all of your favorite dishes.
  • Ideal for adding some fresh, fragrant flavor to a paleo diet - try it on vegetables for a palate-pleasing experience worthy of a far-off bazaar.
  • A traditional Tunisian spice blend, this particular flavor profile is also classically known as Qalat Daqqa in its home country.
  • Hand-blended in the USA for strict quality control.

USimplySeason's Tunisian Five Spice is hand blended in the USA with peppercorns, cinnamon, grains of paradise, cloves and nutmeg.

Here are some recipes to get your started using this wonderful spice blend:

Click here for more recipes that you can use with USimplySeason's Tunisian Five Spice

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