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Persian Lime / Limu Omani - USimplySeason
Persian Lime / Limu Omani - USimplySeason
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Persian Lime / Limu Omani - USimplySeason
Persian Lime / Limu Omani - USimplySeason

Persian Lime / Limu Omani

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Persian Limes are a must in every kitchen. Since they are preserved, their concentrated lime scent that is sweet and slightly fermented is mainly concentrated on their outer skins and seeds.

Limu Omani is used whole, sliced, or ground, as a spice in Middle Eastern dishes. They bring amazing sour notes to soups, stews, and long-cooked dishes without losing their acidic characteristics.

How to release the flavor:

  • Whole Lime - Pierce the pebbly skins or crush them, and drop them into cooking liquid. As the liquid passes through the lime, it softens and releases the tart, citrus notes within. Then squeeze them at the end of cooking, before serving to brighten even the richest stew.
  • Lime powder is best for quick-cook dishes. If using in slower dishes, add later.

Recipe Ideas:

  • FRUIT SALAD – Swap lemon juice for ground dried lime in a syrup for a fruit salad
  • FISH – Add ground dried lime to a fish curry or over grilled sea bass
  • GRAINS – Flavor rice dishes and pilafs, or sprinkle over quinoa or bulgur wheat tabbouleh salad
  • CHICKEN - Pierce a dried whole lime and place it in the cavity of a chicken before roasting, or add to the poaching broth for chicken, along with turmeric, saffron, and onion
  • VEGETABLES - Add a whole lime to the base of chickpea and vegetable stew, after softening onions, carrots, and garlic

Persian Lime, Dried

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