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    • USimplySeason's ground Sumac is a versatile spice with a tangy lemony flavor, although more balanced and less tart than lemon juice.
    • The lovely burgundy color makes any dish more enticing when sprinkled into or on top of dips, dressings and more.
    • Use in everything from dry rubs, marinades and dressings
    • Great over vegetables, grilled lamb, chicken and fish
    • Packaged in the USA

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Sumac Recipes

Sumac is made from ground, dried sumac berries found on the edible variety of the sumac shrub. (Don't worry: this edible variety is not the same sumac that you'd watch out for on camping trips!). This spice is ideal for delivering a subtle delicious pop in dry rubs and marinades. You'll enjoy the biggest "flavor payoff" by sprinkling it over food just before serving and eating. 

It's also perfect for both vegetables and proteins like fish or grilled chicken and lamb as it adds both flavor and color for a beautiful presentation. Try a generous pinch instead of or alongside citrus in your marinades and enjoy the added depth of flavor and lemony notes.

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