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Tabil Spice

Tabil Spice Blend

When you want to invite something a little more exotic to the dinner table, why not try Tunisian Seasoning? Tābil, pronounced "table," is a word in Tunisian Arabic meaning "seasoning " and refers to a particular Tunisian spice mix, although earlier it meant ground coriander. This is a spice mix used in North Africa and does great on any meat that you would like to grill or roast. 

Our Tabil Spice has a simple yet tantalizing blend of high-quality ingredients that wake up and shake up the palate with paleo friendly coriander (the star attraction), savory garlic flakes, aromatic caraway and a hint of spicy chili to keep things interesting.

While this hand-blended mediterranean blend is huge on flavor, there are some things you won't find in it - in fact, it's salt free, gmo free and msg free so you can dig into your favorite dishes worry free! So go ahead - shake on a little or a lot - your tastebuds will thank you.

Where Should I Use USimplySeason Tabil Spice Blend?

  • Add depth and savory flavor to proteins like lamb, chicken, beef or pork.
  • Excellent with roasted vegetables; carrots in particular. (coriander and carrots actually come from the same botanical family!)
  • These spices "hold their own" in low, slowly-cooked dishes, such as roasts, stews and soups.
  • Shake a little on snack food like popcorn or peanuts for a deliciously unique treat.
  • Try it with starchy dips or soups to add an unexpected note of flavor.

Here are some recipes to get your started using this wonderful spice blend: 

Click here for more recipes that you can use with USimplySeason's Tabil Spice 

Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, Sodium Free   

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