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Aleppo Marash

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USimplySeason’s Aleppo Marash Pepper Blend is a spicy, sweet, and fruity fusion of two of the Middle East’s most alluring red peppers: the Syrian Aleppo Pepper and the Turkish Marash Pepper. This unique pepper blend is similar to your typical red pepper flakes, but with a few key upgrades that elevate it above your average red pepper flakes! The unique process used for drying these peppers results in them retaining more of their natural oils, giving this blend a delicious slightly oily flavor and texture. In addition, the Aleppo and Marash pepper’s unique flavor profiles create a sensual and complex pepper blend - with notes of fruit, raisin, and cumin that gradually give way to a slightly spicy kick.

Unfortunately, the ongoing Syrian Civil War has caused massive damage to many Syrian pepper farms - which has lead to worldwide Aleppo Pepper scarcity and even some shady companies trying to pass off cheap fake red pepper flakes as real Aleppo pepper! We at USimplySeason work hard to source only quality and authentic peppers, and we are proud to guarantee the authenticity of our Aleppo Marash blend!

  • An excellent "upgraded" alternative to regular red pepper.
  • Shake some onto meat before roasting or grilling for a kiss of flavor.
  • A spoonful in a long-simmer soup adds delicious heat.
  • Add a swirl of olive oil for a crave-worthy bread dip.
  • Hand-blended in the USA to ensure premium quality.

Aleppo Pepper Flakes, Maras Pepper.

You can shake it on without worry, too - there's no sugar, salt, GMOs or MSG in this wholesome spice blend; it's perfect for our spice fans following Paleo or any other specialty diet! 

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