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Aleppo Marash Pepper Blend, 4 Oz

Any cook that loves a little heat in their food understands the longing for something a little different - a note of spice that wakes up the dish without overpowering the palate the way that some chile pepper can.

Explore the culinary unexpected with the unexpected brilliance of the marash pepper. Combined with aleppo pepper into a masterpiece of fantastic seasoning, USimplySeason's spotlight on this little-known secret of Middle Eastern cuisine will make you wonder why you were so loyal to that jar of traditional red pepper.

When the chili pepper and the maras pepper come together, the result is a subtle warmth that truly brings out the best in your other ingredients. WHY? In addition to being premium ingredients, uneven edges on the individual pepper pieces release more aromatic spicy oils, particularly in broths, marinades and sauces.

You can shake it on without worry, too - there's no sugar, salt, GMOs or MSG in this wholesome spice blend; it's perfect for our spice fans following Paleo or any other specialty diet!


USimplySeason's Aleppo Maras Pepper Spice is hand blended in the USA with chili pepper and the maras pepper.

  • An excellent "upgraded" alternative to regular red pepper.
  • Shake some onto meat before roasting or grilling for a kiss of flavor.
  • A spoonful in a long-simmer soup adds delicious heat.
  • Add a swirl of olive oil for a crave-worthy bread dip.

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