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Aleppo Marash freeshipping - USimplySeason
Aleppo Marash freeshipping - USimplySeason
Aleppo Marash freeshipping - USimplySeason
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Aleppo Marash

  • Barcode: 852713005649
$12.95 USD

USimplySeason Aleppo Marash Pepper Blend is a spicy, sweet, and fruity fusion of two of the Middle East’s most alluring red peppers: the Syrian Aleppo Pepper and the Turkish Marash Pepper. This mild and sunny pepper blend has moderate heat that doesn't overpower its fruity flavor. 

Essential in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. Aleppo is traditionally used as a table condiment and grilled meats and vegetables. Any cook that loves a little heat in their food understands the longing for something a little different - a note of spice that wakes up the dish without overpowering the palate the way that some chile pepper can.

  • NET Wt.: 5 ounce
  • Use in place of red pepper for less aggressive extra flavor.
  • Excellent gift for spice lovers.
  • HEAT INDEX: Medium heat blend, perfect for adventurous palates.
  • MADE IN USA: All our spices and seasonings are manufactured and packaged at Amboseli Foods certified Layton, Utah facility for the highest quality and food safety.

    Aleppo Pepper, Maras Pepper.
    How To Use
    Food Pairing:
    • Grilled protein: fish & seafood, meat
    • Scallopini
    • Guacamole
    • Chocolate chip cookie
    Spice Pairing:cumin, oregano, rose, sesame, sumac

    Spicy Lemonade:Combine Aleppo Marash with Lemon Juice, brown sugar, fresh mint, and sparkling water to create an irresistible refreshing drink!


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