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Berbere Ketchup

  • Our Berbere Ketchup is born out of a dissatisfaction with the boring, preservative-laden, high fructose corn syrup stuffed ketchup that’s gathering dust in your cupboard. We knew you deserved a better ketchup, one with bold flavors, quality ingredients, and no artificial preservatives. So we created it.

    Introducing USimplySeason’s Berbere Ketchup: the ketchup you deserve. Berbere Ketchup is the beautiful marriage of ketchup and Berbere – a hot, sweet, and tangy Ethiopian spice blend that is a perennial favorite. The two combine to create a mature and complex ketchup, one that will amaze you with its simultaneously sweet, spicy, and tangy flavor profile! Ditch that plastic bottle of ketchup, and get a ketchup that's worthy of you.

    • Use anywhere you would normally use ketchup
    • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
    • No Artificial Preservatives
    • Gluten Free
    • Vegan
    • Made in the USA


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