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Urfa Pepper Marash

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Blend of turkish black (isot / urfer biber) and red (aleppo crush maras) chili flakes.

This is what chili lovers have been waiting for all of their culinary lives! A delicious light to medium heat with a decent kick for those who like things just a little less fiery.


USimplySeason Urfa Marash complex smokey raisin notes make it perfect for sweet and savory recipes.


Perfect for both the newcomer to spicy food and curries but also satisfying for the seasoned connoisseur who likes their food to be just that little bit special.


You can shake it on without worry, too - naturally gluten-free with no sugar, no salt, no GMOs, or MSG in this wholesome spice blend; it's perfect for our spice fans following Paleo or any other specialty diet!


Urfa Biber, Turkish Marash Pepper
How To Use

All-Purpose Meat Marinade: Combine Urfa Marash with Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Garlic, and Salt to create an irresistible all-purpose meat marinade!

Food Pairing: Fried eggs, Hummus, Carbonara, Raspberry barbecue sauce, eggplant dip, lamb meatballs, flatbread, kebabs, roasted veggies, 

Spice Pairing: Oregano, onion, orange peel, garlic, rose

#sprinkle over rice pilafs, pizza, rich stews


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